#110 Managers vs Leaders?

How many managers working in your organization have the potential to be LEADERS?

For me the core difference between a manager and a leader is that the leader connects everything s/he does to furthering the vision of the organization. Whereas the manager basically executes tasks assigned to him/her by a superior and is focused on the day-to-day operations. Of course, both the competent manager and the influential leader can co-exist in the same person.

Some of the skill sets for both of these positions overlap, and in both cases we certainly want competent professionals who are both ethical and loyal to the organization.

The quote above only covers the aspect of “knowing” and “getting” . But research has shown us that the more, competent, dedicated, caring managers we have that are inspired by the vision of the organization, the more positive their effects on the people that they manage, the amount of work that they accomplish and the productivity of the particular department and of the overall organization.

How many managers working in your organization have the potential to be company leaders? Finding out and investing in their development into becoming leaders can add lots of value to the sustainability of your organization

For a great article on Leadership vs Management, check out the link below



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