#111 Learn to Delegate

Do you know how to delegate?

Knowing how to delegate is one of the critical skills of being a manager, the natural transition from being a simple employee to that of a manager.   But delegation is an acquired skill and isn’t natural for the new manager. Even many experienced managers do not delegate effectively and some don’t delegate at all.

                                       DELEGATION MOTTO: TRUST BUT, VERIFY

Here are 7 KEY ideas to think about and incorporate into your goal of becoming a better “Delegator”.

1. Choose the right opportunities for delegation.

2. Identify a detailed set of objectives for each new task

3. Establish your staff members strengths & weaknesses

4. Distribute a clear task timeline.

5. Establish a clear feedback loop and tasks to monitor progress.

6. Create an environment of  accountability, respect and trust

7. Establish a firm priority system for tasks and responsibility.

As you learn how to delegate (and the process is a “trial and error” one like anything else that’s worth learning), keep the following in front of your mind.

  • Learn to let go and not to micro-manage. Your employees won’t grow unless you give them the opportunity to do so.
  • Use a feedback loop to make future delegation easy for you and the employees.
  • Celebrate small successes so that employees will be motivated to stretch and grow.
  • Always include right amount of task instructions depending on competency and level of experience of the employee.
  • Highlight your employees’ strengths so that you build on those and not focus on their weaknesses.
  • Don’t be afraid to teach new skills and become a coach of something that you do well.

For some interesting insights on delegation check out this link https://www.upwork.com/hiring/startup/right-way-delegate/

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